Dessert Time (Can You Wait)

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Have you ever been told to wait? I remember as a child, my mom would tell me that before I could have desert, I had to wait until my food settled.  Now to me, that made no sense. I wanted it now! I didn’t know my mother’s reasoning for asking me to wait, but she had her own views about dessert. I did discover that when I waited and had my dessert later, it was a special experience. Dessert time was totally different from dinner time. Perhaps in my mother’s mind, she didn’t want me to mix dessert and dinner because I would miss out on the experience of learning to enjoy the two separate. Also; having dessert separately would cause me to have a new experience after each meal.

                      GOD is speaking today to us about WAITING

There is a new experience that is about to take place in our lives, and God says: “Be okay with waiting”

Gal: 6:9 New International: Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time, we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.

When my Mom told me to wait. I got upset, I was frustrated, and I was angry. I even said in my little childish mind, “when she decides to give me the dessert, I’m not going to want it”. There were even times I cried and pleaded for my dessert. But to no avail. My mom would say “No” and I was instructed to go outside and play and leave the table.

Sometimes God must instruct us to go back to what we were doing before we heard the prophecy, or before we heard him speak to us concerning a promise.

    Well back to my Mom

Eventually, my Mom would call me into the house for the dessert. I was playing now, I had completely forgotten about the dessert. I became angry, because I must stop playing.

Can I tell you that you can be so involved in what you are doing, that you don’t even see the blessing!!!!!!

I came in the house, sat down at the table, and had my dessert. It was worth waiting for. The dessert was special, because it was not mixed with dinner. It was served ALONE.

God wants us to wait for the promise because it cannot be mixed with our fleshly attitudes. We must give ourselves time to develop into the Woman of purpose that he wants to bless. A life changing experience will transform the mixture of flesh and Spirit. Can you wait?

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