Your Purpose May Be Greater

My lesson today goes back to the book of Esther. Esther had been chosen over all the other women to be queen. Vashti representing the former queen, refused the king’s call to come into his presence and as a result lost her place.

Could this analogy represent us today, being called into God’s presence but failing to accept the call?

Even before Esther could come into the King’s presence, she had to prepare herself. As a matter of fact, it took her twelve months to get ready. The oil of myrrh was used for the first six months of preparation. Myrrh was used as a healing salve in that day. Even the scriptures tell of the oil myrrh, being given to the child Jesus as one of His gifts.

What has myrrh got to do with purpose, you may ask? I believe we will go through many breakings and healings before we reach our greater purpose. Before the greater comes the old must be broken off, old ways, old relationships, old attitudes, old thoughts, old beliefs, old agendas etc. Is it easy to die to the old and walk in the new? No, but Philippians 4:13 (KJV) says “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.  It is His strength that helps us to change when our flesh cries desperately to have its way.

Esther bathed the next six months in sweet oils. If we study the Old Testament we will find that our Father would naturally smell sacrifices to see if they were acceptable, even today we are the sacrifices and He spiritually smells us as we lay ourselves on the altar. Sacrificing our will for His will, saying what He wants us to say when we really want to say what is on our mind. Acting the way He wants us to act according to the word that we have hidden in our hearts.

Upon Esther’s completion of her time of purification, she was presented to the king and became the next queen. I can imagine Esther was enjoying herself, walking around in royalty, being waited on hand and foot, basically living the life. Suddenly, she was reminded by her uncle that this life was awesome, but her purpose was greater. I want to say to some women that the reason why you are not satisfied, the reason why you keep hearing more in your spirit, is because your purpose is greater.

 Esther was not just the queen, but she was God’s chosen person to set the Jews free. There had been a plot to kill Esther and the Jews by Haman.  The king was angry when he heard of the plot to kill his queen and her people. In turn Haman was killed. Esther had saved herself and her people because of purpose.


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