Guard Your Heart

     As I travel on the busy highways, I notice there are many guard rails. Guard rails are valuable because they prevent major accidents from occurring. A bridge served as a guard rail to my husband and I when we were dating. Harvey and I were returning home after a date. The streets had black ice on them, but we were too busy staring in each other’s eyes to notice the danger. Suddenly, we hit the ice and the car began to spin out of control. We hit the bridge which served as a guard rail. The bridge kept us from falling off the bridge onto the train tracks below.

     The scripture talks to us about “guarding our hearts”. Why would it need to be guarded? Does the writer mean that muscle that pumps blood throughout our body? or is he referring to something many of us fail to realize.

      Proverbs 4:23 says: Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it. 

     The scripture says, “everything you do”. In order to do something, I must first think about it. Could the writer here refer to our heart as our thoughts, emotions, will, actions, words, etc. I believe we must be careful about what we think about, because our thoughts can become our actions. How many times have we over-reacted to a situation, only because our thoughts were not right?

       Guarding your heart can impact your life in so many ways. I can remember growing up in poverty. I was told “You are poor”, so I began to believe that being poor made you less than. My thoughts became my actions. As a young person growing up, my actions were to be quiet because you are not smart enough. As an adult I found myself trying to fit in, afraid to be myself for fear of being rejected. I remember one day in prayer God spoke to my spirit and said, “You are Great”. I had never heard anyone say those words to me. It was at that moment; my thoughts began to change about myself. From that day to this I have been trying to think His thoughts. The Bible says. “we have the mind of Christ”, 1Cor. 2:16.

         When we operate in God’s mind, we are deterred from many accidents that may occur because of wrong thinking. God is our guard rail. We must learn to stay within the bounds of His mind to avoid accidents.

2 thoughts on “Guard Your Heart

  1. This is confirmation for me! 🙌🏽🙏❤️
    Thank you 😊


    1. Thank you for your comment. Love you much. Please share my posts.


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